Oh Snap! The Table-In-Real Time Phenomenon

Recently, there has been a sort of shift in social media. While last year was all about the selfie, this year is all about increased engagement with followers. Let’s face it – it’s no longer enough to post a photo with your spouse on vacation. Friends and family expect details of your trip in real time – shared via Snapchat and Instagram stories. And if we are being honest – most of us are giving the people what they want. A Snap of your umbrella-clad cocktail (poolside), an Instagram story of your hike to that breathtaking view – we all do it. People share everything from weekend errands to glamorous trip abroad, and everything in between. On the top of our list of favorite Snaps and stories are of course, tables.

There is something about a perfectly set table that just begs to be photographed and, more recently, filmed. The proof is in the recent phenomenon of Snapchat and Instagram story tablescapes. So where does this trend take root? We boil it down to a few things: the sheer excitement that comes along with the “calm before the storm” at a dinner party or event, the sense of honor you feel to have been invited to such a meticulous planned soirée, and the noncommittal nature of a Snap or Insta-story. As new methods of sharing become available, we have changed the way we share. Instagram photos are now more closely managed by the user.  If you want to share something, you don’t necessarily have to add it to your posts (that will show in the photo feed) – instead you can just add it to a story (that will later expire). And so, the influx of video sharing has given us some beautiful tables. Two thumbs up for this new method of sharing . . .

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So, get Snappin’ . . . #lesetthetable

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